Issues and Limitations

Below you will find a list of major bugs and limitations that the current version of Cicerone suffers. Some of these are due to upstream issues.

Current Limitations

The Cicerone Editor is still very much in development, as such there are a number of things that it does not handle yet:

Can Do:

The vast majority of HTML5 and CSS.

Can't Do:

::first-letter styling (see below)

No <pre> support (or css equivalent)

Can Do:

Latin text, accents, multi-byte chars, emoji.

IMEs appear functional but testing by regular IME users is key.

Can't Do:

No bidirectional text, no right-to-left text, no vertical text.

Can Do:

Create pages that include some JavaScript.


None of your page's JavaScript runs in the Editor, so any content that requires JS to be visible can not be edited.

There are also a number of assumptions and limitations in the current version:


We force the HTML5 doctype in the editor.


UTF-8 everywhere


Spellchecker is hard-wired to US-English for now (sorry!)

CSS is not scoped in partial declarations, and there is no easy way to drop in a global CSS.

Web fonts have to be included via CSS imports. If you use a JS based solution they will not load in the editor.

Copy and Paste is pretty limited right now.

Keyboard shortcuts, what keyboard shortcuts?

Possible performance bottlenecks. Make small sites only.

Upstream Issues

Cicerone is based on Github's Electron, which is based in large part on Chromium, the open-source base of the Chrome browser.

There are a number of issues in Chromium that negatively affect the behavior of Cicerone. Here are a few that are particularly annoying to deal with:

Chromium Bug 17439

Contenteditable with :first-letter styling

Lots of weird bugs happen in the Cicerone Editor when you have :first-letter CSS styles as a result of this.

Chromium Bug 698947

Emoji inserted in wrong place after setting caret asynchronously via selection API

Because of this bug sometimes you might try to insert an emoji and it'll show up in some random place in your content.

Chromium Bug 501655

When drag-and-dropping, dropEffect not updated; allowedEffects incorrectly updated

This affects drag-and-drop operations in Cicerone.

There are also a few issues with Electron:

Note that the biggest concern with Electron is that it is several versions behind Chromium. So new features and fixes that land in Chromium may take a few months to arrive in Electron.

Electron Issue 10732

Chrome and Electron render colors differently

This means that a website you design in Cicerone will look slightly different when you view it in a regular browser.

Beetle image by Savannah Feher from the Noun Project